Computer Center

How do I use a computer? 
Maywood patrons must have a Maywood Public Library card, which is in good standing, in order to access a computer. Visitors from other libraries are welcome to use the Computer Center if they are in good standing at their home library. Visitor passes are also available. 

Does the library have headphones available?
You are more than welcome to bring your own headphones but the library does not currently have headphones available.

How do I print?
The cost of printing is $.10 per page for black and white copies. Color prints are $.25 per page. 
Please be advised that the Library is not responsible for print jobs that are not promptly removed from the printer or printed by mistake.  Please ask for assistance before printing. A staff member is happy to assist with printing.

How do I print from home?
To print from home or on your smart device please click here. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 30 minutes to be available at the library.

How do I make copies?
The cost of copies are $.10 per page for black and white copies. Color copies are $.25 per page. A staff member is happy to assist with making copies.

How do I scan?
Scanning to email is $.10 per page. A staff member is happy to assist with scanning.

How do I fax?
Faxing is $1.00 per a page. You will receive a confirmation page telling you whether or not your fax was successful. A staff member is happy to assist with faxing.

I have a child with me and I don't want to disturb others with noise. Should I still come use the computers?
Absolutely. We have a family room available with a computer station. If your children are 5 or older they are welcome to go to Youth Services  (on the 2nd floor) where they could read, play games, or use a Youth Services computer. However, please keep in mind that you are still responsible for your child while they are in Youth Services.

Youth Services Computers: There are currently 4 Youth Services computers available.
Computer Center Procedures
  • Sessions are limited to one hour. 
  • Patrons must use their own library card. Details regarding library card PIN numbers have changed. Please see a staff member for details.
  • If you do not have your library card or forget your pin #, you must show a current photo I.D. or proof of residency to access your library account information.
  • You may use your library card (in good standing) to checkout headphones.
  • Non-Residents may present their home library card or ask for a guest pass.
  • Only one person to a computer station.  Loitering is prohibited.
  • Cell phone usage is only permitted in the areas by the elevators and restrooms.
  • Please adjust headphone volumes so that others are not disturbed.