Babel Fish A website that can translate words into other languages. An online reference collection containing resources such as Gray’s Anatomy, World Factbook, Roget’s International Thesaurus, Farmer’s Cookbook, Bulfinch’s Mythology, Cambridge History, and more.

The Best of History Websites Find websites that discuss Ancient, Biblical, Medieval, and American history.  Along with history, you can also find maps and ideas for forming lesson plans.

Books Toolbox A web site that lists approximately 50 sites for people who love books.

CIA World Factbook Provides information on 267 world entities. Includes information on people, history, government, the economy, military, and issues.

DMV Practice Test A series of practice exams and information to assist you to take for your Illinois Driver's License, Motorcycle License, and CDL. Over 100 dictionaries and encyclopedias can be utilized on this websites.  At the end of every article is an example of how to cite this resource according to the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and the APA.

The Encyclopedia of Chicago A visual history of the Chicagoland area.

Fake News This page on our site explains the purpose of fake news and tips for evaluating new sources.

Illinois State Library The library for the entire state of Illinois.  Search through different library collections, read about recent events, and learn about new projects in the Illinois library system.

Illinois States Archives An online index of regularly used databases, including, but not limited to, Public Domain Land Tract Sales, databases for Illinois veterans, the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, the Illinois Statewide Death Index, and government records that are maintained by the system of the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System (IRAD system).

Library Thing A social networking site that allows users to create catalogs of books they possess, have read, will read, and more.  Users may also rate and review books that they enjoyed. This website provides the pro's and con's on issues. Includes history, articles, and citation tools. A website that allows families and businesses to identify and review various products.  This website contains expert reviews and articles.

Reference and Information Websites