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Happy New Year,  Maywood Community. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We have a lot of exciting things happening in the new year. We were able to hire some additional staff, which will allow us to increase our hours of operation. We will now be open 9a to 9p Monday through Thursday and 9a to 5p Friday and Saturday. This is something for which you have been asking for a while and we are excited to finally be able to deliver. We also hope to have a print newsletter mailed out to your homes very soon. We will also be starting a strategic plan soon, so we will be looking for more feedback from you. I hope to see you around the library. 
–Leighton Shell, Library Director

Feliz año nuevo, Maywood. Espero que todos hayan tenidouna maravillosa temporada navideña. ¡Tenemos muchascosas sucediendo en el nuevo año! Ahora estaremosabiertos de 9 a. m. a 9 p. m. de lunes a jueves y de 9 a. m. a 5p. m. los viernes y sábados. No solo eso, ¡tenemos algunosmiembros nuevos en el personal! Por favor ven a saluda.Esperamos mandar los boletíns por el correo pronto. Porúltimo, nuestro plan estratégico comenzará pronto, yestaremos atentos a sus comentarios. Espero verte por la biblioteca.

–Leighton Shell, Library Director

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