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Junta de la biblioteca
Erica Sánchez (presidenta); El término expira: 2025
Arnettra Barber-Burnside (Vicepresidenta); El término expira: 2025
Shakeesta Williams (Tesorero); El término expira: 2027
John Rice (Secretario); El término expira: 2023
Sinaria Lee; El término expira: 2023
Isabel Villarreal; El término expira: 2023
Elliot Wimbush; El término expira: 2027
Explore More Illinois
What is Explore More Illinois?
Explore More Illinois is a free service that provides instant online access to free and discounted tickets to museums, science centers, sporting events, zoos, park districts, theaters, and other fun and local cultural venues.

How do I get a Pass?
Log in with your adult library card credentials and browse for passes by date or attractions. Make your reservation and print or download your pass shortly before your visit. You can have two active reservations per library card. Please cancel your reservation(s) if unable to attend, otherwise the reservation will count as being used. Remember that once you print or download your pass you cannot cancel your reservation.
Museum Adventure Pass
What is Museum Adventure Pass?
Museum Adventure Pass provides Maywood patrons the ability to visit museum and cultural centers at a discounted rate. 

You can view the list of attractions and discounts here and availability here

How do I get a Pass?
Come into the library with your adult Maywood library card and a pass will be printed for you at the Information Desk. A cardholder may have passes for up to two locations.
A cardholder may not have more than one pass per a location at a time.  

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