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Lamination Services

The Maywood Public Library District offers a lamination service.

Price Guide

$.50 - 2 1/2" x 3 3/4" (business card size)

$1.00 per foot

The library staff will laminate items up to 25" wide and not more than 3.5 mm thick.


Due to the heat process involved in laminating and the possibility of special coatings on the materials, the library assumes no liability as to its effect on the items being laminated.  Patrons are advised that discoloration, bubbling, and possible damage may happen when laminating.

Items that cannot be laminated

  • Social Security Card

  • Medicare Card

  • Anything issued by the Government

  • Anything with a Security Feature

  • Diplomas or Degrees

  • Any Certificate (e.g., Birth, Death, or Divorce)

  • Property or Business Ownership

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