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Apply for a Passport
You can walk-in or make an appointment to apply for a US Passport (using form DS-11) at the Maywood Public Library District.
Passport Fraud is on the rise. Please be aware when completing the application online and ensure that you are using the official passport website.  If you think you've fallen victim to fraud, please Click Here for more information.

Before you make your visit, read the following information:
  1. To see if you are eligible for form DS-11, click here. This form will need to be filled out for the applicant.

  2. The applicant will need to provide citizenship evidence. To read more about what this means, click hereApplicants are also required to provide original documentation of name changes. Please note that we will be mailing all original documents but they will be mailed back to you.

  3. Photo identification is needed. To read more about this, click here. If your photo identification was issued in a state that is not Illinois, please let us know before hand.

  4. The applicant will need to bring a Passport Photo. To learn more about photo requirements, click here. The library does NOT provide photo services for Passports.

  5. The only forms of payment accepted by the library are money orders or checks. To learn more about fees, click here.

  6. Dates and times for appointment and walk-ins must be within Passport Acceptance Hours.
    These are as follows: Monday through Thursday: 10:0
    0 AM-7:00 PM & Saturday: 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

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