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Staff List
Arias, Amy Patron Services
Arredondo, Yaricel Patron Services
Betinis, Andrea  Patron Services
Bucio, Joanna Patron Services

Burton, Marcia IT/Administrative Services
Camacho, Kevin Patron Services
Conner, Kaylan Adult Services/Youth Services
Diaz, Pedro Maintenance Technician
Fruit, John Adult Services
Hatter, Vanessa Adult Services/Youth Services
LePard, Rita Patron Services
Martinez, Daniela Youth Services

McClinton, Steve Jr. Patron Services
Robinson, Nydia Patron Services

Robles, Kiara Adult Services/Youth Services
Russell, Billy Security
Samuel, Stephanie Technical Services
Shell, Leighton
 Library Director
Thomas, Curtis Patron Services
Travis, Trenton Patron Services
Victor, Grasiela Adult Services/Youth Services
Walker, George Custodian
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