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Propose an Event
If you are looking to create a partnership, host a table event, present (perform, direct a craft, etc.) or provide educational information at the Maywood Public Library, fill out the form below.

Before filling out the form below, read the following information:
1) Please do not follow-up this form with a phone call, email, or visit. We will contact you if interested.
2) We typically plan programs at least 3 months in advance.
3) The event must be free and open to the public with no solicitation. Room capacity and ordinances regarding safety are enforced. A staff member may be present for the event.
4) Any organization looking to build a partnership or host an event must have proof of a 501(c)(3).
5) Performers and presenters that are considered may be asked for proof of a W-9, insurance policy, credentials, and/or 501(c)(3). Once considered a contract will be signed.
6) It is best to fill out this form on a desktop or laptop.

Propose an Event

Thank you for considering the Maywood Public Library!

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